How to Introduce a New Kitten into a Dog Family

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March 2016

OMG we got a new kitten!

Well, if you’ve been following my Blog you already know I’m the king of my castle.  Dogs rule!  So, imagine my surprise to find that a new kitten has been added to our family!!  I’m pretty used to being the center of attention, but frankly am finding it pretty hard to compete with this 3 lb bundle of fur and sharp claws.  For some unfathomable reason, everybody else thinks this interloper is cute!

Sure, he’s little and has an adorable face.   Dressed in a black tuxedo, “Moustacheo” has a little white “milk” handle—bar moustache and white mittens.  But his fancy outfit doesn’t fool me………this guy is a terrorist!!  Last night, as I was (almost) minding my own business (sniffing beneath the door to the bedroom this feline fool has claimed his home) he actually reached under that portal to swat my tender nostrils with those daggers!!!  Ouch!!  I thought to myself……….”you want a piece of this, mister?  If only I could get that door open!!  (I wonder why he’s behind locked doors………??).

Well, it turns out that mom has a plan in mind.  Apparently, it’s best NOT to let new pets loose in the house to “work it out” with current residents (like me).   Although I would like to settle this score right off the bat, and teach that furball invader a thing or two, I’ve heard that a more delicate introduction will help foster family harmony in the long run.   It’s kind of like a leisurely courtship period vs an arranged marriage………………check out this article called “Bringing Home Your New Kitten” from our website.

Bringing a New Kitten Home

Bringing a New Kitten Home

Well, stay tuned for further updates.   One good thing, if I play my cards right I might have access to cat food and treats from the litter box.  What fun that will be!!!  Maybe I can even puke up cat poop on the bed!  That’ll teach ‘em.

Later, dudes!


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