Yippee!! Pet Travel

By December 30, 2015 Uncategorized

Yippee! It’s the holidays again, and we’re taking a trip! I love trips, don’t you?

Last year we went to Vermont for New Year’s Eve and Maria’s school vacation. We had a blast in the snow. Even though trip only takes a couple of hours in the car, I brought along my own duffle bag to be sure I had with me everything I’d need to be away from home. It’s always hard to remember what to pack, so here’s my list of stuff I always bring.

  • My medications (I take allergy meds)
  • My collar, leash, and harness
  • My dog crate, so I’m not tempted to chew anything in an unfamiliar environment
  • My dog bed
  • My toys and some chews too, to keep me busy
  • My own food (so I don’t get an upset tummy, sometimes I am a little stressed when I travel)
  • My own food and water dishes
  • A copy of my vaccine history, just in case I need to go to the vet’s office.  (It’s actually available on-line at our website, so I don’t have to pack the paper, just write down the link and I can access it anyplace we have internet coverage. I’m a pretty healthy guy, so we don’t bring my whole medical record. When I am a little older, I am sure mom will bring along more information, just in case.)

It’s a pretty easy drive north on I-91, but traffic moves along. I used to stand on the back seat with my front feet on the front seat armrests, giving me a clear view of the road ahead and letting me lick the driver’s ear from time to time. Imagine my surprise when I found myself strapped into a doggie harness and belted securely into the back seat! Sure, I understand that it can be distracting to the driver when I snuffle ears, but it’s FUN!! What are the chances really that we’ll get into an accident? Louie’s a great driver. Still, I suppose if we did crash it would be pretty dangerous not just for me but for everybody in the car if my 35 pounds of solid bone and muscle was hurtling through the car at 70 miles per hour. I guess maybe the seat belt was a good idea after all. It beats riding in the crate, where I can’t see anything. Check it out!! Mom got mine on-line.

Here’s a link with additional information on safe pet travel:  https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/Pages/Traveling-with-Your-Pet-FAQs.aspx

Happy Tails! Oh yeah, I don’t really have a tail. Well, I meant to say Happy Trails (and Happy Holidays).



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