By December 20, 2016

Patty graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1996 with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science then spent the next 7 years working as a technician at a local veterinary clinic.  In 2002, when the South Windsor Veterinary Clinic opened, Patty was one of our very first employees.  Dr. Rose referred to her as the “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer!”  Patty stayed home with her children while they were young, and now 13 years later has rejoined our team as a receptionist.  Patty is so happy to be back working with animals again!  Her favorite part of her job is helping pet owners care for their very special four legged family members!

When Patty is not at work she is the ‘Chief Cook and Bottle Washer’ at her home with her husband Bill, their three children – Julia, Jack and Will, their mischievous cat Pumpkin and their two legged pets – the guineas and the roosters!  She loves photography, wildlife and spending time outdoors with family!