Carole Rose, DVM

By April 8, 2015

Dr. Carole Rose  practices small animal medicine and surgery at South Windsor Veterinary Clinic.  She obtained her veterinary degree from Cornell University and established our practice in 2002.

As is true of most folks who pursue a career in this field, animals have always been an integral part of Carole’s personal life as well.   It’s hard to remember a time when there weren’t a couple of cats and a dog in the house (as well as a horse and a flock of chickens in the back yard).    One of Carole’s best friends is a horse named John, a 30 year old Anglo-Arab gelding who made the trip to Ithaca and back (for veterinary school).  He’s shared life changes and family loss, always ready with a friendly nudge or slobber.   The unconditional devotion of a pet is something that has to be experienced to understand, and probably (if you’re reading this), you get it.

Carole says that veterinary medicine is fun because it keeps her in touch with animals every day.  She gets to cuddle new puppies and kittens, to find ways to ease faithful senior pets through the aches and creaks of aging, and to be part of an awesome team whose focus every day is to make pets happier and healthier so they can spend more time with the people who love them.

Evolving science and technology in this field constantly provides an intellectual challenge, and gives each team member the opportunity to focus on particular aspects that are most interesting to them.   Although she likes many aspects of my job, one area Carole is especially passionate about is veterinary dentistry.   Often a hidden problem, time and again Carole has seen how much better a patient feels when his/her silent suffering is relieved through oral surgical procedures.

When Carole is not at the office, she will most likely be “on the move”, maybe riding a horse in the woods (with daughter, Maria and husband, Louie), or taking Westley (her dog) out for a walk or a play date with a friend.   In the winter she’ll be snowmobiling or pretending to ski (not well) and in summer will be spending as much family time as she can on Vermont’s Connecticut River where water sports abound.