Oral Care Center

By April 10, 2015

Tooth Brushing Tutorial
1. Always use positive reinforcement. Talk in an upbeat, friendly way and give your pet lots of praise.

2. Get your pet used to having your fingers in his/her mouth. Try giving your pet something tasty to lick off your fingers (tuna water or chicken broth for cats, peanut butter or spray cheese for dogs).

3. Cuddle your pet and gently massage his/her teeth and gums with your tasty finger.

4. After your pet is comfortable having your finger in his/her mouth, give your pet a sample of CET toothpaste on the end of your finger. Never use human toothpaste for pet tooth brushing.

5. When your pet is comfortable with the toothpaste, gently massage your pet’s teeth and gums with the toothpaste on your finger.

6. Put a small amount of CET toothpaste on a guaze pad/finger,and in a slow, circular motion, try brushing just one or two teeth so that your pet becomes accustomed to brushing sensations.

7. Expand your repertoire of teeth a little each day, until your pet lets you clean his/her entire mouth. Make it a game-have an extra special treat that your pet only gets after tooth brushing.

If your pet likes to chew, CET Dog Chews combine the mechanical action of chewing with an antimicrobial and plaque buildup preventative. You can also try ORAVET, a waxy substance that is applied to the outside surfaces of teeth once weekly to prevent tartar accumulation. Please feel free to ask us for chews, toothpaste, and Oravet samples, and a demonstration !