MDOG Manchester Dog Park update

By April 10, 2015

Hello MDOG Supporters,

We have fabulous news from the front lines. Please take the time to read the notices below as well as the information is crucial to helping us build a dog park.

On January 3rd, the Manchester Board of Directors authorized the signing of the offical Dog Park Agreement between the Town of Manchester and MDOG. As of today, MDOG has officially signed the agreement and is moving forward with building preparations. John Hammer is working hard to get all our ducks in a row for a mid-spring ground breaking for Phase 1 of the dog park.

MDOG is in need of volunteers now more than ever! While only contractors are permitted to complete construction on Twon property, MDOG still needs to raise money, contact vendors, staff events, and more. Whether you are only able to help with a few hours once in a while or you can commit for a few hours once a week, we have a need and an appreciation for the value of your time. Please check out the opportunities below…

Volunteer, Margie Locke, has organized an Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Fundraiser. Cookies are $16 a bucket and have about 40 individually frozen cookies. Dieters will love this because you can bake only one cookie at a time. Sale ends on 1/26. If you are interested in purchasing cookies or would like to bring the flyer to work for sell some, please contact Margie Locke at (860) 646-5371 or

While the funds for phase one are secured, we would love to build the entire park in one shot. We can’t do that without additional funding and there will be no additional funding without volunteers to organize and run fundraisers. Plus, MDOG will be hosting educational events/activities as well for the park. There will be an event/fundraising committee meeting in February. The date is TBD but will either be on February 7th or 13th at 7pm. Please contact Alysia Duke at (860) 647-0119 or

The Taste of Manchester is still looking for volunteers. The first meeting is on Wednesday, January 25th at the Adams Mill Restaurant. For more information about volunteering for the Taste of Manchester, please contact

Thank you all for your support. I look forward to working with everyone in the near future to get Manchester’s dog park up and running.

SIncerely Yours,
Alysia Duke
Manchester Dog Owners Group, Inc

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