DaisyDaisy Mae was rescued by Dr. Rose not too long after the loss of Tonya, her first pitbull.  Her natural, puppy-inspired exuberance was (and still is) uplifting to both Dr. Rose and everyone who met her.  Unfortunately, Daisy was diagnosed with Lymphoma in October 2009 and passed away at the end of November 2010.  She is sorely missed by all who knew her, but memories of her always make us smile!


MissyMissy was surrendered to the Bolton clinic in the late 1990’s for euthanasia due to a severe skin condition and problems using her litter box.  However, the owners agreed to placing her if it was felt that it would be possible to make her feel better.  Dr. Rose was working there at the time and offered to take her on.  She lived a long, fulfilling life as our clinic cat and enjoyed greeting clients and pets at our front desk every day.


TonyaDr. Rose found Tonya while working at Bolton Veterinary Hospital.  She had been brought in as a stray who was not only undernourished and frightened, but had a heart defect as well.  Something about her tugged at Dr. Rose’s heart and soon Tonya had a new home with her.  Tonya was Dr. Rose’s loving companion as she completed her studies at veterinary school, through the loss of her mother, and the stress of deciding to open her own practice.  We all miss Tonya terribly since her passing on October 20th of 2002.