Winter Exercise

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I love the winter!  Nothing beats being able to see my own breath as I snow plow with my flat Boston Terrier snout through fluffy drifts of white powder!   Sometimes in the winter (if the temperature’s right and there’s enough snow) I get to hop between snow shoeprints as I follow Carole (and a less-enthusiastic Maria) on the winding trails behind our house.  Since Carole has the shortest legs, I usually follow right behind her and if I time it just right, I can step on the back of her snow shoe and watch her topple into a snow drift.  What fun that is!!   Bipeds got nothing on me!

As much fun as snowshoeing is, we don’t do enough of that activity for me to maintain my hard-body, buff physique.  This time of year it gets dark so early (and it’s pretty dark when we get up, too), i  It’s easy to just stay inside and binge-watch Animal Planet (I do get a little exercise barking at the dogs on TV).  I really hate it when spring comes and my collar’s too tight.   Always a self-starting kind of guy, I tried to develop my own list of indoor activities, but frankly my humans just aren’t interested in throwing my toys in the house, 24/7.  Another idea I had was to play “tag” with the cat (she could REALLY use the exercise, as clearly she hasn’t looked at herself in the full-length mirror lately).  For some reason every time I start that game I either get swatted by the cat or one of the humans gives me a “time out” in my crate.   (Sigh).  What is a dog to do?

Resourceful boy that I am, I decided to do my own research and came up with some winter exercise ideas for both dogs and cats (not together!).  I found some really great ideas (that other dogs and cats thought up!) during my internet travels.  Here are some links I hope you’ll find useful.




Hope I’ll see you guys out there for a game of snowball fetch!!

Bow wowsa!


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