Pet Sitters vs Kennels for your Dog

By July 21, 2016 January 25th, 2017 Kennels, Pet Safety

My family went away on vacation and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt!!

Last year, when everybody else went to Disney World I got to stay “Home, Alone!” Well, not exactly because we had somebody called a “pet-sitter” come to our house. It’s kind of a funny name though, because I don’t think my Uncle Jack actually did ANY sitting. He threw my Frisbee toy at least 100 times every day when he came to feed me and take me out to do my business. He even slept over at my house a couple of nights (I love a slumber party and I never, ever hog the bed……………..much!!). It was a little quieter than usual around the house, but I had a pretty good time. I was happy to see everybody come back with tanned faces and big smiles. I really played up the sad brown eyes when they returned. It earned me a couple extra CET chews and a peanut butter kong.

This year I can tell something’s different because my bags are packed (well, one bag………I travel light you know). We also brought my L.L. Bean bed (it has my name on it) and Maria’s sweatshirt (mmmm….it smells like HOME!!!) along with a bag of my own food. Oh yeah, I see they’ve packed my allergy medication. At first I thought maybe I was going ON VACATION with the family but it’s a fun surprise because I’m going to a doggy hotel (okay, it’s a kennel). I’ve been here before, so I know my way around and the people there are always nice to me. I get to play with my friends all day and get some private time at night. (I’m a handsome dude but I do need my beauty sleep.) I get to eat my own food (so I don’t get an upset tummy) and they give me my medication so I don’t itch. A couple of weeks ago, my mom gave me a “shot” for something called bordello………..(no that’s not QUITE right)…nope it was bordetella…that’s the one. Not sure what it was but I guess the kennel required it. I’ve heard some kennels also require a “canine influenza” vaccine, so it’s best to check all that out before traveling.

I might not get to “GO” as often as I’d like to, but family vacations have turned out to be kind of nice for me, too. Click Here for more information on “boarding” on my mom’s practice website:

The office staff at South Windsor Veterinary Clinic has a nice listing of local boarding kennels as well as contact information for folks offering in-home care (a.k.a. “pet sitting”). Please give the clinic a call if you need help deciding what would work best for your dog or cat.

Safe Travels!!


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