Why Is My Dog So Itchy?

By July 7, 2016 January 25th, 2017 Pet Health
Happy Dog with No More Itching

Happy Dog with No More Itching

Us pets just can’t catch a break! Life isn’t just about lounging and chasing squirrels. Sometimes I wake up at night, licking my feet and sometimes the tags on my collar jingle constantly from scratching at my neck and shaking my head. I’ve asked the other dogs at the park, and apparently this is a very common concern for their families too. To address the potential causes, humans need to become pet detectives to uncover the specific set of circumstances that are making us (and our families) so miserable !
For me, my people brought me to the South Windsor Veterinary Clinic and their veterinary team asked a whole bunch of questions so they would have a very detailed history regarding my skin and any ear problems I have had. This accurate historical perspective regarding how long the problem has been going on, what treatment methods have been used (and how successful were they), what seasons of the year is the problem most noticeable, and other things really helped the doc to diagnose me and give me a treatment plan (these guys are really good and they pet me SO MUCH!).
From eavesdropping on the humans’ conversation, I heard that there are four main underlying causes of pruritus (itching).
(1) Fleas
(2) Other ectoparasites (mites)
(3) Skin infection (yeast, bacteria)
(4) Allergies (inhalant, contact, food hypersensitivity)
Some of us pets have combinations of these problems. Even a single flea on my sensitive coat can worsen the signs of an inhalant allergy to the point where I can go from comfortable to miserable. It is common when I am itchy for me to actually make it worse and causing self-trauma to my skin. I heard this makes secondary skin infections occur and adds another complicating factor to the mix. SWVC’s veterinary team will walk you and your family through the process of figuring out what’s “bugging” you, and give specific recommendations to help manage these aggravating symptoms.
Hopefully you’ll be back to normal and causing mischief again in no time just like me!

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