Microchipping for Pets

By April 20, 2016 January 25th, 2017 Pet Safety

I love the spring!!  Don’t you?  It’s a perfect time of year to get outside and R U N .

I try my best to stick close, but let’s face it sometimes a guy just HAS to chase things and my mom worries we may get separated and I could get lost.  I don’t think this is likely.  I’m a smart guy, right?  Why would I wander?  (Squirrel!  Deer! Something gross and dead to roll in!).  Alright, maybe I get distracted sometimes.

To make everybody happy, I consented to wearing not only my break-away collar and tags (which frankly HAVE been known to get caught on branches and fall off in the woods), but also to letting mom implant a MICROCHIP into the loose skin between my shoulder blades.   At first I thought “oh, neat!  I have my own GPS” but then I learned it’s not really a tracking device (it doesn’t have maps on it, either) but it would allow anyone who found me to reunite me with my family in short order.

Here’s a link to a story about a dog and a cat who did found their families thanks to microchips:  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/15/cat-found-5-years-1800-miles-and-one-microchip-later/?_r=0

Although it’s got a pretty big needle on it, the microchip implant didn’t really hurt and it’s only got to be done once in my lifetime so I think it’s really worth it.    My mom can implant a microchip so fast you won’t even have time to finish the cookie they offer (yeah, it’s a distraction but, it works!).   Our staff will help get your parent’s information registered so that you’ll never have to worry about finding your way home on your own.

If you’re on the path less traveled, maybe I’ll see you out there in the woods!!


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